Sunday, August 16, 2015


Week 2 of Augustbreak (read more about it here)

This week's prompts were earth, talisman, edge, yellow, last year, favourite smell and art.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I was at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham (GB) and as usual it was a great show. See pictures of the quilts at

But there was a very large vendor mall as well and I couldn't resist to buy some fabric.

These fat quarters of Kaffe Fassett fabric are supposed to go into my hexagon quilt (read about it here) and make it more sparkling.

And these neutral fabrics (together with a lot of others from my stash) will become a quilt for my mother - a gift for her 75th anniversary in November (but hush - don't tell her!).

Sunday, August 9, 2015


Some years ago Susannah Conway decided not to blog in August but post a photo everyday. That was the beginning of Augustbreak which is a yearly event since then. I am part of it this year - posting a picture to Susannah's prompts every day on Instagram. Here are the pictures of the first week.

The prompts were: breakfast, air, skin, numbers, citrus, notebooks, 5 facts about myself and smooth.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer love

Every year in summer I have a special love affair - with hexagons. They are easy, portable (as I spend a lot of time in my cousin's garden), they just require needle and thread, some paper hexies and some fabric and - great advantage in these very hot days - you don't have a whole quilt top on your lap but just a small piece of fabric in your fingers.

I just pulled out green, turquoise, violett and blue batik fabric - all of them reminding me of the ocean - and started to baste. Still no plan what I will do with the hexagons. Maybe they will become a cushion, hopefully they will end as a whole quilt - will see. In the meantime I am happily basting away.

The Christening

On Sunday we celebrated the Christening of Erik.

My daughter is his godmother. Although she is no fairy I am sure she will do her best to watch over him, be there for him whenever he needs her and spoil him in every possible way. 

Little Erik - we wish you all the best!

What did he get as a present you ask? A babyquilt of course. 

More or less the same one I made for a friend's baby-girl two months ago.