Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fabric Storage

On the Quilt Art list the question was raised how we store our fabric. I don't have a studio but a sewing table in the bedroom and as for the fabric and other quilting stuff I just have to try to find as much room as possible.

My fabric is stored in one and a half cupboards of Ikea. Each drawer is for one color family: yellow, orange and brown in the first, red and pink and purple in the second, green and turquoise in the third and blue in the fourth. In the second cupboard there is one drawer for white and one for black fabric.

Special fabric (novelty prints, very colorful fabric and fabric dear to my heart) and my rather large collection of fat quarters are stored in boxes under my sewing table.

The hand-dyed fabric is stored in boxes in my closet (yes I had to get rid of some clothing) just in front of my large stash of marbled fabric (you never can have enough marbled fabric can't you?).

Sewing and quilting threads are stored in this wooden containers which I painted myself with acrylic colors and a sponge. The small children's sewing box on top holds my thimbles and some other small stuff. On the right is my quilting journal.

Special threads, scissors, rotary cutters, pins and ebellishment is stored in a container with drawers and wheels under my sewing table.

And I think you might want to see my sewing table is well (which is never as clean as on this picture) with my trusty Elna sewing machine.

On the lamp in the back is my sewing buddy - Edgar the owl. I got it for Christmas to add another piece to my rather large collection of owls.

I would love to see your fabric storage and sewing area as well. Leave a post in the comments and be sure to add your blog-address. I will certainly visit and take a look.


  1. I love your organization! You've really done a good job in such a compact space.

  2. Gabi, you have done a great job of organizing and storing your fabric and supplies in limited space. I especially like your painted/sponged drawers--almost as beautiful as fabric! I recently sold that huge longarm machine that was taking up half my studio and I'm enjoying the feeling of some open space in that room now. This gave me room for another table and moving my ironing board out from in front of the design wall. Cute little owl!
    Martha Ginn
    www.marthaginn.com and www.marthaginn.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you Martha. I just visitied your wonderful blog - was awed by your exhbition in November and cried over your loss of Bigboy. I will certainly visit often.

  3. This is so terrific!! I love the ideas, the colors, the owl!! Is it usually tidy or a mess... oh please say a mess so I don't feel so bad! hahaha I have lots of studio pictures on my blog for you to enjoy. Look at the studio page (top) for random pics and the stdio label on the side takes you to posts with more pics and details. I collect pin cushions too, but don't have an owl yet. Maybe we need to do a swap ??
    LeeAnna Paylor
    the blog is called Not Afraid of Color and the address is....


    1. Thank you LeeAnna.
      First of all - it usually is a big mess (and for me it has to be to be creative), the main part of the mess surrounding me on the floor to keep to table free for sewing.
      I already know your blog and visit it rather often as I like your colorful artwork and your poddle (you can find my dog Felix on the blog under the header "hungry" in December).