Sunday, January 26, 2014


Every year (2014 for the 6th time) Sigrid Poeschl, owner of a quiltstore here in Vienna, hosts a quiltshow in her house. The quilts are on the walls, on the beds and on the sofas which is a rather different setting to hanging in a "normal" quiltshow.

The quilts have to be made mainly be hand-dyed fabric - that is the only restriction. There were more than 100 quilts to see - here are some of them

"Birke" ("Birch tree") by Monika Turnwald of Austria

"Kontrolliertes Chaos" ("controlled Chaos") by Hermine Keck of Germany

"Strukturen" ("Structures") by Melanie Lengsfeld of Austria

"Grünes Land" ("green land") of Hermine Keck of Germany

"Das große Ganze" ("the big whole") by Ursula Gsella of Germany