Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My fabulous vacation in the US - Part II

After a few days in Houston we packed our suitcases and drove our car to New Orleans.

There are quite a few plantations mainly between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. We left the Interstate and went for a search. After criss-crossing a little bit we found Destrehan Manor House which sadly was already closed but did offer a lot to see even from the outside. The house was constructed between 1787 and 1790 and although smaller than I imagined it to be (well - Tara in "Gone with the Wind" was a lot bigger) it was really beautiful.

But what I liked the most were the moss-covered trees. I couldn't get enough of these. They seem so unreal.

And on the other side of the street we had our first view of the mighty Mississippi.

In New Orleans we returned our car and set out to explore the city. There are all these colorful houses with the wrought iron balconies, lots of flowers and blooms, great seafood, and even the cemeteries are worth a visit.

Of course we rode the steamboat up and down the Mississippi.


And the full moon was a beautiful sight too.

On one of our days in New Orleans we made a boat tour in the swamps. This was an incredible experience. If you want to see some pictures come back tomorrow.

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